Since project initiation in 2015, Hydraterra has been involved with the construction of a new, 211-residential home development of homes and clubhouses in East Brandywine Township.

As of 2022, Hydraterra continues to partner on the Hillendale Development project by providing operational and managerial services to the Township Municipal Authority.

Being involved from the ground floor of the project, Hydraterra was responsible for construction management of the collection, conveyance, treatment, and disposal facilities. The treatment and drip irrigation facilities became operational in 2021. 

Major stakeholders included Metropolitan Development Group, East Brandywine Township, and East Brandywine Township Municipal Authority. Partnering with the Township, Hydraterra provided common sense planning and innovative guidance on both the design and construction management in the field.

Today, two submersible pumping stations collect and convey the sewage from the development to a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant. The treated effluent is then pumped to several drip irrigation areas inconspicuously located within the development.


East Brandywine Township Municipal Authority
Chester County, PA
Project Period: 2015 – Present

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