Markley Street

Norristown Municipal Waste Authority
Montgomery County, PA

Hydraterra offers commonsense collection system design

The Norristown Municipal Waste Authority owns and operates more than 65 miles of public sewer, in some areas the pipe dates back to the turn of the nineteenth century.  When the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation decided to move forward with an arterial realignment project along State Route 202, Hydraterra was there to provide the commonsense planning and design needed to relocate the trunk sewer line while at the same time maintaining an active travel lane for commuters and residences with no disruption to sewer service.

The project was designed in two phases to avoid utility conflicts and to facilitate the necessary traffic control.  Site surveying, planning, analysis and design was performed along the 8,500-foot length of the improvement to determine the best location for the new sewer infrastructure while simultaneously increasing the capacity and eliminating major sources of inflow and infiltration.  The design included utility crossings of two waterways, one suspended from a steel truss bridge, and one crossing through a bridge/culvert listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Markley Street Analysis