Municipal Authority of the Borough of Elverson
Chester County, PA

Hydraterra offers an innovative solution for the installation of a conveyance line in an historic village district.

In 2010, the Municipal Authority of the Borough of Elverson realized that the condition of their forcemain which runs through the historic district of the Borough and is installed within close proximity to many historic homes and landmarks was deteriorated beyond repair.

Hydraterra envisioned a design that would allow replacement of three thousand feet of pressurized sewers with minimal disturbance.  Using a variety of trenchless replacement methods, our engineers were able to upsize the existing force-main with minimum interruptions at a fraction of the open-trench costs.  Directional drilling, pipe reaming, pipe bursting and other in-situ replacement methods were included in the design, allowing the contractor the flexibility to choose the most appropriate, cost effective method during construction of the project.  This common-sense approach allowed the project to be completed on-time and under-budget.