Municipal Authority of the Borough of Elverson

Chester County, PA

Hydraterra provides emergency services to address structural failure during upgrades to an existing sewage treatment plant.

In 2013, the Municipal Authority of the Borough of Elverson wished to upgrade their existing sewage treatment system by replacing the hazardous chlorination system and antiquated san filtration system with a state-of-the-art tertiary filtration and UV disinfection. The elimination of the post aeration system, chlorination and filtering equipment and unnecessary pumping facility will vastly reduce electrical and chemical costs and increase overall efficiency of the treatment plant. Acting as the Authority’s Engineer, Hydraterra designed the upgrade, located suitable contractors and began construction.

During initial construction, the restraints for the equalization tank of the treatment plant failed and the high groundwater forced the tank from the ground. Hydraterra reacted quickly wit structural and hydraulic designs and operational changes to allow the emergency repairs to be constructed and implemented with minimal interruption to the treatment plant upgrades. Upgrades to HVAC equipment for the existing blower building and innovative wastewater and geothermal heating and cooling upgrades will reduce electrical consumption. Hydraterra also utilized the need for emergency repairs to improve the walkways over the treatment plant to allow more visibility during plant operation.