Hydraterra Professionals (HtP) is an innovative water resource engineering and consulting company focused on providing personalized and professional services to water and wastewater entities. We enjoy the partnerships formed when projects are completed successfully on-time and under-budget.

On the clean water side, we focus on efficient distribution, storage, and water treatment to protect the community.

On the wastewater side, we focus on reliable collection, conveyance, and treatment system to protect the environment.

On both sides we focus on demonstrating our value and ensuring client satisfaction. With a professional and direct approach to our clients, we commit to delivering fully integrated solutions. Our practice encourages a complete partnership where our clients play a central role.

At our core, we strive to demonstrate value and develop long trusted relationships. Terra Tracker, our proprietary electronic data collection and management software, exemplifies Hydraterra’s commitment to finding tailored, common sense solutions through working together.

By combining current technology with proven experience and practical solutions, the Hydraterra team stands ready to help you solve the multifaceted, complex issues facing your Pennsylvania communities.

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