Elverson Water Company reacted quickly to the news that PennDOT would be performing a road resurfacing project along PA Route 23 through the Borough of Elverson.

The news was welcomed, as it created an opportunity for the utility company to replace the aging main street asbestos cement pipe and replace water services without incurring traffic control and roadway restoration costs.

The challenge was to determine actual field conditions then prepare a design and obtain the necessary permits to replace the aged distribution main, fire hydrants and service connections well in advance of the PennDOT resurfacing project.

Working with the utility, Hydraterra coordinated a survey of project, developed the conceptual design with conceptual costs, and helped to secure a PennVest low-interest loan for the project.

Once financing was established, Hydraterra completed a design consisting of:

  • Abandonment and flowable filling of 4,000 lf of asbestos cement pipe followed by installation of 4,000 lf of ductile iron pipe
  • Replacement of 8 fire hydrants and 80 service connections
  • Installation of a 1,500 lf of DR-18 C-900 pressure pipe to complete a loop of the system and allow for continuous supply of water during the project completion

Prior to construction, Hydraterra obtained PennDOT HOP’s, Sunoco pipeline crossing permits, Chester County Conservation District E&S permits, and a categorical exclusion of permitting from PADEP. All design, permits, and other approvals were obtained well in advance of the schedule deadlines.

Soft-dig excavation allowed Hydraterra’s construction team to identify any utility conflicts early and with minimal disturbance to the construction project. Working with the utility owner, their contractor and PennDOT’s representative Hydraterra coordinated the efforts with minimal delay.

Bacteriological and pressure testing of potable water pipes along with the daily construction observance and concise field reports provided the assurance to Owner that the project was being constructed in accordance with the specified design.

Elverson Water Company, Inc.
Chester County, PA
Project Period: 2018-2019