East Brandywine Township Municipal Authority         
Chester County, PA

Planning, Design and Construction Review Services, Hydraterra is there. 

A new development of 650 residential homes, exercise facility, clubhouse and golf course was proposed in East Brandywine Township.  The professionals at Hydraterra, being involved from the ground floor of the project, helped to provide common sense planning and innovative design ideas to make the vision a reality.  Today, three submersible pumping stations collect and convey the sewage from the development and surrounding communities to a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant that screens and settles the influent, and filters and disinfects the effluent.  The effluent is then pumped to an award winning golf course to be used as irrigation water, greatly reduces the reliance on potable water. 

Hydraterra provided direction and guidance during the planning and design stages and acting on behalf of the Municipal Authority provided Resident Project Representation during construction.