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A Message from the President

In 2007, six months before the Great Recession, Hydraterra Professionals was formed with a vision of providing personalized service and customer satisfaction.

In the years leading up to 2007 the economy bubbled and boiled with activity.  Many projects were fast-tracked with little planning and service took a back seat to completion.  Land developers pushed hard for completed projects while municipalities struggled to keep up with building demand.  All the while engineers worked diligently to meet the needs of the developers and municipalities.

During the economic boom of the new millennium the demand for production was high, however client satisfaction and ultimately the satisfaction of the paid professionals plummeted.

Today, the environment has changed, the housing market has quieted, developers have fewer profits to share and municipal entities operate on greatly reduced budgets.  Still the private and public sectors expect efficient and effective services.

Having firsthand experience with these drastic changes in the economy has allowed our company to focus and offer professional services that meet the demands of our clients.  We feel that our personal service and practical approach will continue to foster solid relationships.  Please give us a call to see how Hydraterra can improve your community.